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Nord Compo

Lille, France

For more than 40 years, Nord Compo has been providing exceptional levels of quality pre-press, production and design services to book publishers. We bring the advantages of leading-edge technology to thousands of publishers ranging from small businesses to industry giants throughout the world.

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Flipside Digital Content


Flipside Digital Content Company, Inc. is the culmination of over 26 years of content digitization, ebook conversion, distribution, and publishing services. Our management and operation teams have been at the forefront of the industry since it converted the first commercially sold ebook.

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Laval, Canada

Get high-quality book cover designs and illustrations at an affordable price, backed by the creative minds of Kinos, an entertainment business powerhouse for more than 15 years.

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Geethik Technologies Private Limited

Madurai, India

One of the few Apple certified conversion houses worldwide with more than 25 years of experience and expertise in Pre-press, Typesetting, Editorial Services, Multi-lingual Composition, Graphic Designs, E-publishing and more at affordable price with exceptional quality and unbeatable turn around time

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17 Studio Book Design

17 Studio Book Design is the brainchild of an author who writes under two pen names. The first and widely known one is AD Starrling. The second is a closely guarded secret that requires a blood oath, a lock of hair from your first born child, and a lifetime supply of cake.

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DC Canada Education Publishing

DC Canada Education Publishing is a small innovative publisher of children’s books, games, and music in Ottawa, Canada.

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Altona, Canada

Professional publishing services – from editing and book design to production, distribution, and promotion support. We help writers self-publish and succeed.

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Peter Delius Verlag Gmbh & Co. KG

Berlin, Germany

We develop and package non-fiction books for international markets: psychology, philosophy, history, art, popular, science, mind/body/spirit, travel.

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1106 Design

Phoenix, United States

Quality, Integrity, Transparent Pricing, Personal Customer Service. Independent Publishing as it should be.

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Cape Town, South Africa

MYeBook self-publishing team are passionate about empowering authors. We love spending our days guiding confused writers through the seemingly tangled self-publishing process. A single platform offering every service an author will ever need.

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